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Educational Links

Useful Links

CL Learning Resources

  1. Syllabus for CL Curriculum 2007 (Updated version - Includes the increase in number of teaching periods per week for Foundation CL).
    • The Syllabus for CL Curriculum (PDF) articulates the key ideas underpinning the curriculum. It also includes the learning outcomes, curriculum framework and suggestions for implementation. Available only in Chinese. 
  2. Brochure for CL Curriculum
  3. Digital Infrastructure Resources (DIR) for the new CL Curriculum
    • An Interactive Website for parents and students to access the digital instructional resources used in the teaching and learning of CL in school. Resources corresponding to the various parts of the textbook are available for access, except for the section containing pictures, videos and animations. (Adobe Flash plugin is required for this website.)
  4. Happy Town
    • A Chinese website for pupils to learn Chinese Language in a fun and interactive way. A highlight is the feature of pupils’ written and creative works, such as “story-relay”, “WIKI Q&A”, “Photo blog” etc. The website is updated on every 6th, 16th and 26th of the month. 
  5. The iFlashbook: an Online Interactive CL Textbook
    • Developed by Creative Technology Limited, the iFlashbook features the Chinese Language Textbooks for Primary Schools published by Panpac Education Private Limited. It employs speech recognition technology to guide pronunciation practices, comes with a “floating” electronic dictionary and uses a multimedia mode of presentation. Yearly subscription is required.
  6. “Happy Reading Express – School-based Reading Curriculum Guide” ON SALE!  (Singapore: Lingzi Media PTE LTD, 2008) 
    • This publication documents the efforts of teachers who participated in the “Happy Reading Express” Project from 2006 to 2007, and includes practical resources such as lesson plans and worksheet exemplars etc. Teachers may recommend it to parents and the public. Available at all major bookstores. For details, please contact Lingzi Media Pte Limited.
  7. Recommended CL Supplementary Readers 2008 (Updated version)
    • A shortlist of books was first drawn up by established publishers and teachers who have been active in promoting student reading programmes in school. The selected books were then sent to the Curriculum Planning and Development Division and Singapore Chinese Supplementary Readers’ Council for approval and official recommendation. The Chinese Supplementary Readers list is downloadable in PDF format.
  8. Thumbs Up: a CL Newspaper for Primary School Children
    • Thumbs UP! is an ideal resource to cultivate children’s habit of reading CL newspapers. Suitable for P3 – P6 students. To cater to children’s reading preferences, the print version includes varied sections of abridged news, interesting comics and stories for online reading and listening.
  9. Schoolbag 
    • MOE's online magazine, which contains the latest education news and information for parents, as well as features from schools and teachers. A collection of essays, featuring the new CL curriculum and had originally been published in the Chinese daily Lianhe Zaobao, will be translated and uploaded onto the website in August. A fresh issue will appear every two weeks. 


TL Learning Resources

  1. Digital Instructional Resources (DIR) for the new TL Curriculum
    • Parents and students can access this Interactive Website for  the digital instructional resources used in the new TL curriculum for P1 – P5 students. (Adobe Flash Plugin is required to view the content).


ML Learning Resources

  1. Recommended ML Website


Science Learning Resources

  1.  Recommended Science Website
    • The Sciber Diver website is specially created by the Curriculum Planning & Development Division, Sciences Unit, MOE, to support the New Primary Science Syllabus 2008 in the delivery of its themes, topics and learning outcomes.  
  2. Other Useful Websites for Science Learning

Maths Resources

  1.  Understanding Distance, Speed, and Time Relationships Using Simulation Software
    • This example includes a software simulation of two runners along a track. Students can control the speeds and starting points of the runners, watch the race, and examine a graph of the time-versus-distance relationship.
  2. The Web's #1 Maths Practice Site
    • Practice makes perfect, and IXL makes math practice fun. With unlimited math questions in more than 1,000 topics, students improve their skills and confidence and always have new challenges to meet.
  3. Maths Playground Website
    • Welcome to Math Playground, an action-packed site for elementary and middle school students. Practice your math skills, play a logic game and have some fun!

MOE Websites

  1. MOE Main Website -
  2. School Information Service -
  3. School Bag (MOE's News Blog for Parents) -


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