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Shanghai Overseas Learning Experience & Singapore Day @ Shanghai 2011


Shanghai Overseas Learning Experience & Singapore Day @
Shanghai 2011

This year marks the 5th year of the school’s Overseas Learning Experience (OLE) efforts to expose & sensitize our pupils to the globalised world. To-date, more than a thousand pupils have benefited from the programme. To develop our pupils ready for the 21st century amid a millennium of rapid change and technological innovation, youths of today will be required to develop new skills, sensibilities and habits of mind that classroom teaching alone cannot provide. The adage of the ‘World is our oyster’ could not have been more true now than before. The world has indeed become our great classroom. OLE serves as an excellent platform to build character, leadership, flexibility of the mind & at the same time, deepen our pupils’ commitment & rootedness to Singapore through such experience. 
The participants for the Shanghai Overseas Learning Experience & Singapore Day 2011 comprise our combined dancers from the 3 ethnic dance groups & a mix of student leaders from primary 5 & 6 classes led by both our Head Prefect & Councilor.  They will be visiting schools in Shanghai for a cultural exchange programme & performance. Notably, this group has also been invited to participate in the annual Singapore Day@ Shanghai 2011. Singapore Day 2011 is a signature event organized by the National Population & Talent Development agency under the Prime Minister Office for overseas Singaporeans with the aim of re-connecting with them & sharing with them some of the latest developments back in Singapore & reliving a slice of our Singapore home. Our combined dance troupe will be showcasing a lively fusion ethnic dance aptly titled – “Different Forms, One People, One Purpose”. The dance item reflects the pluralistic nature of the Singapore society where different races live together, retaining their way of life. Yet, the different dances embrace the differences of their fellow Singaporeans. Together, they celebrate our cultural diversity and journey together as one people, one nation & one Singapore. The student leaders will serve as ambassadors to share & engage the overseas Singaporeans in Shanghai the developments in Singapore, especially pertaining to the educational landscape. This is an unique experience which we are delighted that our pupils will have a chance to benefit from.
I am confident that this OLE trip will lend our children the rare opportunity to have their educational experience greatly enriched, develop their character, broadened their global perspectives & sensitize them socially & culturally. I would also like to put on records my thanks to our School Advisory Committee for their sponsorship and to our teachers and participants, who have worked tirelessly to make this exchange programme possible. Let us work together to make this exchange programme meaningful and fruitful for all concerned.  Let us live up to the school motto as we strive to be the best that we can be.

Mr Koh Chin Thong, Martin
Zhenghua Primary School




From Singapore to Shanghai:
Date: 12 April 2011, Tuesday                                                  
Time: 5.00 am
Venue: School Lobby
Flight No: SQ828
ETD: 0805hrs
ETA: 1325hrs @ Pudong Airport
Attire: Trip T-Shirt, Jeans, Track Shoes and a Thicker Jacket. Please pack a set of long johns into the haversack (hand carrier).

From Shanghai to Singapore:

Date: 17 April 2011, Sunday
Flight No: SQ 831
ETD: 1430hrs
ETA: 1950hrs @ Changi Airport

ETA to Zhenghua Primary School: 2115hrs

Link to Singapore Day Website -



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